Cheshire Historical Society

Our Mission Statement

Keeping Cheshire’s history alive through our museum’s collections, exhibitions and programs.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this society is to collect and preserve whatever may serve to explain or illustrate the archaeology, the art and literature, the history civil, ecclesiastical or natural – of the Town of Cheshire. To provide in a suitable manner for their care, preservation and exhibition, to hold such meetings and provide and conduct such lectures as may aid in the education and improvement of the community; to print or furnish such publications as may be thought desirable; also, to do such other things as may be proper. To receive, invest and care for any gifts of money or other property which may be made to the Society. To accomplish the above purposes, the Society will operate and maintain a historic house and museum which will be open to the public.

Our Vision

The Cheshire Historical Society will be totally integrated in the life and interest of the community as the visually and technologically accessible source of regional historical information and knowledge.