Alice Washburn House Tour – Frequently Asked Questions

I see that 5 houses are included on the tour – where are they located?

All 5 houses are located in the central area of Cheshire. However, their exact addresses are a secret … until you pick up your ticket! On the day of the tour, each house participating in the tour will have a lawn sign identifying it as a participant. Look for lawn signs – DO NOT rely on signs affixed to the houses themselves, as those signs may simply be left over from the 1990 Tour.

How do I get a ticket?

You may reserve and pay online for a ticket OR call Pat at (203) 272-3963 to make your reservation and pay by check. Once you have made your payment, your name will go on a ticket reservation list. The price for tickets purchased before May 21st is $30. If you wait until May 21st, you must purchase tickets at the Cheshire Historical Society, and the price that day will be $35.

If you pre-purchase your tickets, you must pick them up in person at the Cheshire Historical Society on May 21st, beginning at 12:30 PM. Your ticket will provide the locations of the 5 houses on the Tour.

Please note: The later you wait to pick up your ticket, the less time you will have to visit the houses. All Tour house doors close at 5:00 PM.

Are children allowed on the tour?

Infants and children ages 12 and older are welcome to attend, but, in general, the tour is not intended for young children. You may carry your infant into the homes: please note that strollers and backpacks cannot be brought into any of the houses.

Is this a guided tour? Is transportation provided?

This is a self-guided tour. The ticket brochure will include information about the houses and a map of their locations. You must provide your own transportation – depending on the weather, you may want to walk, bike or drive to the houses.

Is there designated parking for cars?

You may park on the road in the vicinity of each house, wherever curbside parking is permitted. Please DO NOT park in the house driveways.

Will there be tour guides in each house?

There will be volunteers at each house and some homeowners may remain home to greet their guests and provide insights into their houses’ features and history

Will we be able to view all floors of these houses?

Tour access will be provided to the first floors of all houses. Access to other floors is at the discretion of the homeowner. House volunteers will indicate which rooms are available for viewing.  If stairs are involved, volunteers will direct you to those areas.

Must houses be visited in a specific order?

No. You may start your tour at any house and visit the houses in any order you desire. Your ticket will be marked at each house you visit, to help you keep track of those you have visited.

Is there a time limit for each house visit?

No. You may spend as long as you like in each house. However, all Tour house doors close at 5:00 PM, so you should pace yourself accordingly, taking into account travel time between houses.

May I take photographs at the houses?

You may take exterior photographs of the houses. Due to security concerns, interior photographs generally are not permitted, unless a homeowner tells you otherwise.

Will the tour be rescheduled in the event of rain?

No. The tour will go on, rain or shine. However, if the conditions are messy, all visitors will be provided with shoe covers to wear over their shoes in the houses.

Do I need to return to the Historical Society when I complete the tour?

No one is required to return to the Hitchcock-Phillips House at the completion of their tour. But for those participants who do so, there will be a reception.

The Society will also provide hospitality services at the Hitchcock-Phillips House for the duration of the Tour hours, including bathroom access, coffee and other beverages, and snacks.

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